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Welcome to your website solution – theEZwebsite. This website was created using one of our theEZwebsite solutions. With the simple content-management tools provided with theEZwebsite, you can maintain every aspect of your website without any programming knowledge or special software needed.Promote your products or services, find new customers and grow your business.

Your Complete Website Solution

We understand that you are focusing on your business and may not have the time or in-house expertise to design a website, register a domain and setup hosting so that your website can be available – not to mention update the site with content and changes That’s why we have developed design & hosting packages that enable you to get on with running your business, and gives you the right amount of control over what your internet visitors experience. With this package you can rest assured that we will design a website to suit you, register a domain for your business and ensure that your website is fully hosted and supported.

What’s more, you will get an easy to use web based (no extra software) content management tool, allowing anyone with basic word processor knowledge to update your website pages simply.

The Right Solution At The Right Price

Complete Website Packages The EZ Website is designed to provide individuals of all levels of computer efficiency with a fast, yet powerful, way to maintain and update the content of a website.For beginners, this is a way to create a sophisticated website without requiring advanced programming knowledge.

For intermediate and advanced users, it’s a way to create a sophisticated website in a fraction of the time that it might have taken before, and maintain the website easily from any web-enabled computer.

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Industry Specific and Custom Website Templates

The EZ Website is a completely customizable website. You can use one of our pre-made
skins, design your own or commission us to customize one for you.

theEZwebsite is designed to give the small business community a quick, efficient way to manage web content. theEZwebsite is much more flexible than most  content-management systems.